Roaming with Lucy

Goodbye Australia, Hello London!

It’s true, me and Andrea have now departed Australia and arrived back in sunny England!

After 6 months of travelling, numerous bars of Whittaker’s chocolate, sun burn, horrendous hangovers and bed bugs; we decided it was time to pack our bags for one last time and head back to our home town, London. However, this is by no means the end of our travels & I’m personally looking forward to exploring France for around a month or so in the summer. Hopefully in another camper van!

To celebrate our travels a week before departure, we went out, got drunk, came home and played songs on the $30 ukulele I purchased during our Apple picking days. Here’s a result of our delirious state / excitement to returning home after 6 months on the road…

Ps. It gets better after about a minute in… Trust me 😉

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