Roaming with Lucy

The one question a woman never wants to hear…

“And, you’re pregnant”?

Yup…. That honestly happened to me; a couple of weeks a go at the event I had most been looking forward to – Paramore at the Olympic Park, in Sydney, Australia!

To put this whole mortifying situation in context; the evening started off relatively well, with a lift from my uncle to the arena and a casual walk along the parade before queuing to enter the $96 gig I had decided to brave on my own. (Mean Andrea for sticking to her budget!)

21 Pilots graced the stage first & got the crowd pumping, ready for night of music ahead. You Me At Six were next and during their strained set, for the singer in particular, I became to feel extremely lethargic and achy. I thought maybe alcohol would help, but Jim Beam wasn’t working either. After You Me At Six finished, I sat down and started to feel even worse. My head was boiling hot and my body was shivering cold. This was so not ideal with my favourite band about to appear on stage.

As Paramore opened their set with the track Grow Up, I decided to man up and get involved closer to the stage. 3 songs in, blinded by the lights and involuntarily swaying, I knew something wasn’t right. I asked the security guard if I could go to a seated area to watch the show. They let me sit down and even got me some water. The security lady must have been worried at the sight of me because 10 minutes later, another pint of water was offered to me by a kneeling Paramedic.

This is where the mortifying punch line was thrown. In between the standard “How old are you?” and “Where are you form?”, came the ultimate blow: “And you’re pregnant”? I obviously said no and became instantly embarrassed. I may look a little porky but definitely not 9 months pregnant! Apparently, to my relief, the security lady had informed the paramedic that I was pregnant after she asked me herself. I don’t know why I would have answered yes to this question but maybe I misheard above Haley William’s dulcet tones and replied yes in a state of 100-degree fever delirium. I hope so anyway, otherwise I definitely need to cut down on the Ozzie BBQ’s…

Paramore were of course fantastic but leaving early on the song Ain’t It Fun because I was unwell, really was the icing on the ironic cake. Hopefully next time Paramore tour, I won’t be ill…. Or pregnant.

NB: Kids, always use protection & don’t eat too much BBQ food. 

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