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6 hour coach journeys, cycling & MASSIVE BUDDHA’S

This just about sums up the last 5 days of our travels. Oh, I forgot the humongous Elephant that we cycled past about a meter away in distance!

Our first stop after a 2 hour bus ride from Bangkok, plus an extra 2 hours waiting for the coach due to road blockages and security hold ups from the protests, was Ayutthaya. Once we arrived at our lovely guesthouse, Baan Eve (below), we may have taken a nap which lasted 5 hours. However, we definitely deserved it & it built our strength for the next day’s itinerary; which was to cycle around the ancient city. After visiting many beautiful temples and Buddha statues, we decided to head home. This is when we cycled a meter in distance away from an Elephant WALKING ON THE PAVEMENT.

Baan Eve

We left Ayutthaya the next day & took a 6 hour coach journey to the old former capital city of Sukhothia. We stayed at the Sila Resort, which was so full of character and quite frankly adorable. This was our tree house type bungalow! We cycled around the old town the following day and marveled at the ginormous Buddha’s and war torn architectural monuments. (Our butt cheek pain from the first day’s cycling had healed by this time).

Sila Resort

From Sukhothai we took another 6 hour coach journey to Chang Mai, the largest city of northern Thailand. We headed out to eat in the central part of the city the first night and ended up at The Chang Mai Saloon. We overestimated ourselves and ordered: Potato skins, chicken cordon bleu + chips, Burger + chips and accidently another portion of fries. Apparently they offer takeaway bags in Thailand too! On the second day we had our first lie in until 10:30 and then explored the city. We got lucky and stumbled across this extremely elegant and peaceful temple.

Buddha in Chang Mai

Tomorrow holds in store a 3 day jungle trek; with elephants, white water rafting and cooking with the local Karen tribe. I hope the elephants play nice!

Lucy x

3 thoughts on “6 hour coach journeys, cycling & MASSIVE BUDDHA’S

    1. Lucy Keys Post author

      The Elephant ride was a bit odd – not sure I’d recommend because of the steep route they made them take but the rest of the jungle trek was amazing. 25 kilometres roughly & I did it! 🙂 x

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