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My Top 5 Travel Blanks…

People always say that travelling shapes you as a person and oh boy, it does! Especially the horrendously mortifying & embarrassing moments that happen along the way. My brother calls these moments, (when you do something embarrassing or stupid), “A blank”.

So, for your entertainment; here are my Top 5 Blanks of my trip so far…

5) Driving with the handbrake on in New Zealand, up a very steep mountain, in an automatic camper van.

A pretty self-explanatory blank; Hugo the campervan was not amused!

Hugo loves me really.

Hugo loves me really.

4) Driving through and falling in a gorge of wet mud on a moped in Vietnam.

It was the first time I had ever driven a moped and Andrea was hanging on the back for dear life. I’m pretty sure the rental shop didn’t ask for proof of my license when we hired it for $2.50 either. ANYWAY, getting severely lost, we approached a giant gorge of wet, red mud. We slowed down and discussed our options. I proceeded to attempt to drive through but the bike fell in the mud and died, which reached up to my knees. Andrea took refuge on a dry pile of mud while I fished out the moped. Thankfully the bike started again and my clothes were the only things that were soiled by the experience.

Washing off the mud in Dong Hoi

Washing off the mud in Dong Hoi

You can read the full moped story here!

3) Falling in AND out of a boat in Krabi, Thailand.

I love the idea of snorkelling and discovering what lies on the ocean floor but when the time comes to jump in, I literally want to run away. This was how I felt in Krabi, so it’s fair to say I wasn’t concentrating on my elegant exit leaving the boat. With both of my legs hanging off of the side, an unsuspecting (tiny) wave rolled the boat and I fell BACK IN TO THE BOAT. I managed to make it in to the water eventually, without being eaten by a shark and once it was time to go back to the boat, I wanted to stay snorkelling for longer. At the boat, there were lots of tiny fish that came to inspect on the creatures leaving the sea (Aka, humans). This made me panic and hastily scramble to get on board. Yup, you’ve guess it – I fell back in to the boat (AGAIN) & this time there were lots of people watching…

My beautiful snorkelling kit.

My beautiful snorkelling kit.

2) A paramedic asking if I was pregnant when ill at the Allphones Arena in Sydney.

This was quite mortifying and definitely something that I’ll never forget. I blame the loud music and my state of delirium! To further the embarrassment, I wrote a blog about it, which you can read here: Paramore at the All phones Arena. 

1) Crashing a tractor, in to another tractor, in an Apple orchard.

I had never driven a tractor before and I think it might have shown. A German girl we were working with shouting out “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”, moments before impact was the real highlight. Here’s what else happened during our eventful time Apple picking in Stanthorpe. 

Chilling on the tractor with the Apples...

Chilling on the tractor with the Apples…

I realise most of these incidents are vehicle related but I honestly do hold a valid drivers’ license, so beware…

Happy Roaming!

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