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Andrea Morris’ Top 5 cardinal rules of travelling

One morning, after Andrea had spent the evening being kept awake by the sound of her below bunkmate having sex, whilst concurrently shaking the bed; we discussed the the essential cardinal rules of travel. Here’s Andrea’s list of genius! If you ever find yourself travelling, or staying in a dormitory, please take note and abide… OR, you may feel the wrath from this menacing girl!

Andrea, explaining the top 5 cardinal travel rules to her friends...

Andrea, explaining the top 5 cardinal travel rules to her friends…

1)   Mark Your Territory.
You’ve found your bed; now load it with your (metaphorical) “shit of substance” but none of significant worth. Now you’re ready to go about your day without coming back to find some hippie snuggled in your bed, uninvited!

2)   Respect Your Neighbours.
There are a lot of dick bags in the world, DON’T BE ONE OF THEM! A little consideration for those around you (trust me), will go a long, long way. 

3)   Don’t Be Afraid.
As a self confessed shy person, this is sometime easier said than done. Go ahead, say Hi and spark / join the conversation! 

4)   “How I Learned To Love The Public Toilet”.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s not a day that passes by without wishing I could take a relaxing poop in my own bathroom but you’re a traveller now; it’s your right to take evil shits in all types of public toilets. 

A personal favorite: Customs House, Sydney, Australia.

5)   Just Do It… ON YOUR OWN! 

This should technically come under respect your neighbour but I feel so strongly about this rule, it needs significant press. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not have sex / foreplay when your bunkmate is in, or if anyone is in the room for that matter! There is nothing worse than waking in the early hours of the morning, to the negotiation of sex, or foreplay; it is the most torturous experience on all of the senses! 

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